Tuesday, February 23, 2016


                                                   Do You Believe in Signs?

     I would like to say that I don’t believe in signs. Believing in signs would be admitting to embracing superstition. But, guess what? Sometimes, I hear myself say, “I saw the signs, and I ignored them,” or “Why didn’t I see the signs that were right in front of my face?” 

     This sign showed up in the sky this morning on our way out of Sarasota. Mr. Wonderful spotted it first and pointed it out. He said, “Look at that sign. It looks like an “X.” “No, I said, it is kind of like a cross, but no, it’s a crossroad. Omg. We are at a crossroad. What do you suppose it means?”

     When we were about an hour out from Atlanta, our destination, the rains came, and a woman in an SUV spun out and skidded across five lanes in front of us. OMG! My heart was racing so fast, I was sure we were going to be the tiny car underneath a 50-car pileup. By some miracle, she dodged all the cars coming at her, and landed safely at the side of the expressway. That was surely a sign to all involved. I would love to hear what any of those drivers thought about that sign. It sure must have been a sign to her.

     Lately, I have been burning out of certain things. Thoughts of letting go of some responsibilities and embracing others have surfaced several times. Once I make a commitment to something or someone, I am loyal; I give 100%. Lately, my 100% has dwindled to about 50%, and that is not my style. I wouldn’t want anyone working for me or representing me that was only doing half the work to which he committed. The sign in the sky reminded me that I must let go of some of these things to make way for a new 100%. 

    Tomorrow, Mr. Wonderful is supposed to climb into a Porche Boxster and take a two hour lesson on a road track. I gave him this gift for Christmas, and he was very excited about racing around a track like a Nascar driver. When we checked the weather forecast, however, we saw the signs: 50-60% chance of showers and thunderstorms. I suppose most people would agree that this forecast is a sign. Disappointment would not cover the look on his face when I read it to him. He looked like someone just took away his new puppy. In my mind, I am thinking, this is a sign that it’s too dangerous, and despite the cost, maybe we should just bail. Then we looked at the menu for the lunch place we had planned to visit afterwards. Salads start at $16 dollars, and a cup of soup is $10. More signs. wtf. How about a positive sign like a good dream that predicts we will win the effen lottery?

     Do you believe in signs? Who taught you to believe in them? Have you ever ignored signs that you shouldn’t have? Did that encourage you to be more aware of signs?