Saturday, March 26, 2016

     A friend of mine suggested a few of us go to a restaurant that offered Mac n Cheese, as she knows it's one of my favorites. When we got there, I made the statement that I hadn't eaten it for years. That's partially true, but mainly because the really delicious Mac n Cheese that came out in the 50s isn't served anymore. This original/traditional style was baked with crumbs on the top. It was to die for. As with anything that has been around for a while and may be lacking in popularity, the culinary gurus decided to screw it up by adding lobster, pimentos and Lord only knows what else to make it look and taste "hip." Well, guess what. They messed it up, and now it takes awful. This is partly why I haven't had it for a while.

      Today, Mr. Wonderful and I were going out for a light lunch (as we have dinner plans out too), so I suggested one of my favorites, Panera. He doesn't like that because he has to wait on himself. We always go to his favorite, so I won. On the way there, I noticed Olive Garden, and I recalled the kids' Mac n Cheese that I had with my grandson a few weeks ago. It wasn't that great, but it was a small serving, and it was served with hot bread sticks (as if there wasn't enough bad shit in the entrée). So I said, "You know what, Olive Garden has kids' Mac n Cheese. Would you rather go there?" He jumped on it, as he loves their soup and salad (ugh). 

    As I was buying (he pays tonight-I'm not dumb), I encouraged the change in plan. Well, I forgot that the Mac n Cheese was nothing to rave about unless you douse it with lots of salt (great for the body and health:) so I decided to have about 1/4 of the small serving and give myself a sort-of-treat with the bread sticks. Guilt began to surface, however, when I realized that this was the most disgustingly high-cal bad-for-every-part-of-me that I could eat, so I ate ONE, yes, just ONE breadstick. 

     Two hours later, I was famished, and had to have lunch. How accomodating are you when you and your Mr. Wonderful have different ideas of where to dine?

P.S. Broccoli sucks, and it sticks in your teeth.