Sunday, March 20, 2016

                          DREAMS FULFILLED

     How often do you do a dream inventory? We all have dreams, although some may have inadvertently turned into nightmares. Maybe those of you who don’t have dreams believe that if you don’t have any, you can never be disappointed or feel that you night somehow fail

at realizing them. I have dreams, even into my senior years. Yup, seniors still have dreams, folks. Rather than fill the page with feckless rhetoric about them, I am sharing them in photos. What would your photo page look like? Are your dreams materialistic? idealistic? unrealistic? or just “ic?”

Top to bottom:

Time with my precious grand-daughters
Time with cherished friends
Another trip to France
Time with daughter, Chris
Time with daughter, Katey
Ability to continue sharing my one-woman shows
Humility to accept what I see in the mirror and continue to improve it
One smooth glass of wine every few months
Strength and health to climb mountains with Mr. Wonderful
Time with my handsome grand-sons and son-in-law

Ability to stay silly forever:)