Monday, March 14, 2016

     Tonight I laughed from my gut for almost two hours. How long has it been since you’ve laughed from the gut—-really laughed so hard your stomach ached? Chris D’Ilea engaged the audience at the Grand Rapids yearly Laugh Fest in his sometimes vulgar and irreverent look at life’s inequities and absurdities. Most of his schtick, however, was only mildly raw (if that is a comprehensible description). He spoke of being true to yourself, about not doing things you think are inane and stupid and a waste of time, about the yin and yang of marriage and about narcissism and belief systems. At times, it felt like a Ted talk, and at other points it felt like a comic coming of age routine. Overall, it was a fun evening of looking at ourselves and laughing at things that send us all into orbit.

     He spoke of a couple of things that resonated with me:  life-changing moments and authenticity. 

       Questions for me to ponder:  What were my life-changing moments? How long has it been since I’ve had one? Am I due?  How authentic am I?  Must you always speak the absolute truth, and if you don’t, are you a hypocrite? What were your life-changing moments? Have you had one in the past five years? year? Are you authentic? If not, how are you not? Do these questions make you tired?