Friday, March 18, 2016

       The Shame Barometer

“I do worry that he learns the wrong lessons from this cycle, and thinks he lost because he wasn’t angry or insane enough,” said Steve Schale, a top Democratic operative in Florida who has admired Rubio’s political skills as a member of the opposition party.

“. . . the Trump model — that all publicity is good publicity, shame is passé.” 

Steve Schale, Democratic operative  
March 15, 2016

     I was dumbfounded when I read an
article in the New York Times recently
about “the Trump model.” What? 
“Shame is passé?” For those of us who have endured what Brené Brown describes as the “shame spiral,” I find it unconscionable  that people have no shame—Trump surely does not. When your own party is scrambling to prevent your nomination, there has to be a significant element of shame in this effort. Bravo GOP.

     The circus campaign we have been witnessing for months now continues to consume headlines, editorials and dinner table conversations. The louder the rhetoric, the more I feel shame. I am ashamed that our beautiful country could support a man who models everything law-abiding decent people abhor:  bullying, arrogance, self-aggrandizing power and disrespect. I am ashamed that I am not out there with a picket sign myself stumping for common sense and humility. I am ashamed that racism and religious discrimination in our country has surfaced as a result of a madman who wins votes by inciting hatred and rage. 

     Where is the needle on your shame barometer?