Tuesday, March 22, 2016

                                 How Was Your Day?

I bought a new car today.
30 people died and over 200 were wounded by terrorists.

I drove home in the sunshine listening to beautiful music.
More terrorists are wandering the streets of Europe.

I ordered cheesecake, my favorite dessert, to bring home from dinner out with Mr. W.
Some families won’t be eating dinner together tonight.

I didn’t feel like working out tonight.
Some people could not feel.

I added up my bills.
Some people can’t pay theirs.

A friend made a rude comment to me in front of others.
Some people don’t have any friends.

I’m a little nervous about an upcoming performance.
Some people are having anxiety attacks.

Some people don’t know who to vote for.
Some people don’t have the right to vote.

My “to do” list is growing.
Some people can’t “do” anything.

I lost my blog today.
Some people lost their loved ones today.