Sunday, March 13, 2016

Well, here it is: the life-changing news.

It seems hard to believe that we will soon be leaving our beautiful custom home that we so meticulously designed ten years ago. It has been a wonderful decade of reinvention in our retirement, and it's time for the last hurrah. 

Moving from Wrightsville Beach, a wonderful intimate safe place for me will be sad, but we are looking forward to the gorgeous emerald waters of the Gulf in Sarasota, Florida. For those hundreds who say to us, "Why move to Florida? It's so hot there, and everyone is old." Well, guess what? We're old and we love the heat. 

    I have learned that I take me wherever I go. There will be ups and downs. There will be times I will ask myself, "Why did we do this?" "How is this going to work?" But I asked myself those questions everywhere I've moved from Detroit, Michigan to Paris, France to Santa Barbara, California. What we will miss most is our wonderful friends who have enriched our lives and brought us so much joy. I hope they will visit and also keep their guests rooms caffeine-ready.

As I look at the third photo, taken by Mr. Wonderful as Reggie and I looked over the Mediterranean three years ago, I recall thinking that joy and happiness come from within. They are not the result of a weather forecast, the color of the water or the height of a mountain. I have been ecstatically happy and sometimes miserable everywhere I've lived; that's life. I know that, and I accept it. I know that what gets us through it as a couple is our genuine friendship, and what gets me through the tough times is the gift of resilience I inherited from my parents. This is our new adventure. What's yours?