Wednesday, April 6, 2016

                              A Piece of Inner Peace    

      This morning, I read a post on Facebook that said, “Nothing changes by feeling guilty about the past or being anxious about the future.” One tiny sentence, one big lesson. Have you learned it? Not me. Nope. I still feel guilty about stuff, and Lord knows, I get anxious about things that haven’t happened. So how do we pound this tiny thought into our psyches so that it flashes in neon lights when we succumb to these bad habits? Dunno. Do you?

     Yesterday, my piano coach, a fabulous concert pianist and wonderful mentor, gave me a list of tips for calming myself and centering before and during a performance. Here are a few to share. They are not just for performing; they are for whatever issues you are dealing with in your life. I’m going to try them. How about you?

1.  Put a photo of a beautiful landscape in front of you to bring back the feelings of calm and serenity they evoked. (In my case, put it on the piano music stand)

2.  Drink stress-reducing tea before anxious situations
(Yogi, stress-reducing tea was her suggestion)

3.  Eat oatmeal an hour or so before 
(preferably non-sweetened)

4.  Go over music, notes or presentation slowly before going to sleep each night for at least a week or more. (Do not drool on crescendos)

5.  Do not look back. Focus forward.
(Performers who look back at a mistake will only lose the impact of what’s yet to come. Stay focused on the next point or passage)

6.  Breathe (a new concept for moi)

      Here are a few more of my own:

1.  Look back at past successes

2.  Visualize yourself succeeding

3.  Meditate

4.  Pray

5.  Drink wine:)