Monday, April 11, 2016


     If you are like me, you love surprises. As an adult, we don’t get them very often, but when I do, my happy genes go berserk. This morning was one of those times. The first surprise led to a second one, and that one was followed by three more. Within ten minutes, I was so hyped, I could barely contain myself. I looked like a four-year-old dancing around with my arms flailing and my falsetto voice cracking with joy.

     First, Mr. Wonderful called up to me in my Woman Cave to tell me that one of my blogs was in the Star News, our local newspaper. I had no idea that it was going to appear, and a lovely photo I had taken in Lucerne, Switzerland was included. Needless to say, when we see our writing in print, it is a wonderful treat. Very validating for someone who spent most of her youth feeling insecure about her writing talent.

     Then, I went online to see if my blog was listed in the “Community Blog” section of the paper, and there it was with my new head shot. Yay, moi! I clicked on the “laughter effects” blog title, and it went right to my site. This could explain the recent triple-digit hits I’ve enjoyed over the past week. 

     A few minutes later, I checked my emails, and there was a beautiful note from a friend in Florida asking me about my upcoming One-Woman Show performance. How thoughtful of her.

     Then another email came in from a dear friend in France who assured me that the terrorism threat was not deterring her from her plan to travel to Brussels soon. That was a relief and so wonderful to hear from her.

     Finally, I received a note from the man responsible for putting my blog in the paper. I had invited him to attend my One Woman Show Thursday, and he said he would try to attend. 

     What a lovely series of surprises to start my day. 

     What can you do to surprise someone today? Is there someone with whom you haven’t connected for a long time who would love to hear from you? Is there a friend whose recent success merits a “Bravo!” from you? We never know how we will find our friends, as often they are in a different place from where we left them. Sometimes a quick kind word can turn a person around as they ease into their day. I sure appreciated my Sunday surprises.  

The Seven Mile Bridge facts:

The total length of the new bridge is actually 35,862 ft (10,931 m) or 6.79 miles (10.93 km), and is shorter than the original. Each April the bridge is closed for approximately 2.5 hours on a Saturday and a "fun run," known as the Seven Mile Bridge Run, of 1,500 runners is held commemorating the Florida Keys bridge rebuilding project. The event began in 1982 to commemorate the completion of a federally funded bridge building program that replaced spans that oil tycoon Henry Flagler constructed in the early 1900s to serve as a foundation for his Overseas Railroad.