Tuesday, April 12, 2016

                                         AH! JUST A MOMENT! 

     Guess what? Ah! Just a moment: Do you have just a moment? What are you doing with this moment? Do you realize you will never have this moment again? You have already experienced several moments reading this. So, what’s the point? The point is simple: We all have just a moment—-one moment at a time. What we do with that moment is our choice. If it’s a positive moment, we wish we could freeze it and relive it. Unfortunately, we can’t do that. We can take a picture of it, and try to imagine how we felt, but we can’t relive it. I have been writing blogs for almost three years. Over 700 posts and thousands of moments later, I ask myself, “What were the moments I cherish? What made them memorable? What kinds of “Ah! Just a moment” moments have I had? What crises did I endure? What lessons did I learn? What did I do with all that information and knowledge?” Most of it, I internalized, some of it, I shared, but a lot of it just got lost in the moment and served no purpose. My intent from this moment on, therefore, is to not just share my “Ah! Just a Moment” moments with you, but to ask you to share yours with anyone you think could benefit from them. I will address six universal emotions we share:


   By sharing with you my own personal stories and experiences as well as those I read about, encounter randomly, remember from my past or imagine might occur in the future, hopefully, you will find yourself relating on some level or at the very least asking yourselves some never-before-thought-of questions. I do not pretend to have answers; I have mostly questions. But sometimes my questions might offer you answers, and your answers might inspire someone else’s questions. Bottom line, we can all take “Just a moment!” to reflect and reach our own conclusions about life’s mysteries.

     Which of the six emotions do you feel when looking at the photo above?