Sunday, April 24, 2016

                                                  "MAGIC MOMENTS" 

     Last night was magic for me. I spent an evening with a small group of strangers from our home state of Michigan. The purpose of the evening was for me to perform my one-woman show for a friend’s neighbors. My friend, who is unbelievably generous, kind and herself talented in so many ways, hired me to launch the evening’s dinner party. I did. Never in a million years would I have expected what led to tears in my eyes as we backed out of her driveway.

     The people seemed very interested in my musical career. One many asked the question: “Who influenced you most in your music?” I answered immediately, “My father who perched me on his lap at the piano at age 3 and taught me my first little one-finger duets.” I told them about how my Dad played by ear and how his group of friends would party together frequently, my Dad at the piano, and his friends standing around him singing and harmonizing. 

     After a delicious meal prepared by my dear friend, Susan, this same man piped up with, “I have a fantasy. I imagine someone playing the piano and a group of people standing around it singing and harmonizing.” My mouth dropped open, as I never expected this. The next thing I knew, I was seated in what used to be my Dad’s place, at the piano, and this group of new friends were standing around me singing and harmonizing. It was a magical moment—one I never anticipated. I will never forget looking around from my keyboard at all the smiling faces having the time of their lives. Ah, the magic of music and the power of a single question.

     So, why should you care about this? It’s a nice little story. I suppose the only way that I can make you see how that moment could relate to you, the reader, is to tell you that these magic moments are so precious in life. We must savor every minute of the “magic,” in whatever form it may take, be it a home run with your grandson at the ball park, a loving glance as you and your loved one row your boat into the sunset, the birth of your first child, the pride at watching your grandchild walk across the stage to receive her diploma. These magic moments may not come often, but we must somehow record them in our psyches because the magic hangover the next morning will launch us head first into the next day. We become energized and inspired by the connection whatever the source. I wish you all a “magic moment.”