Friday, April 1, 2016

OK. I don’t get this. I write many profound blogs which I hope will inspire just one or two single solitary souls who will say to themselves, “Yup, this is me I am now going to follow Fifi’s latest wise counsel.” These blogs attract about 30 -50 hits. That’s ok. I’m not out to win any contests. I just like to write, share and, hopefully, motivate and inspire occasionally.

Yesterday morning’s blog was just fun. I thought about what I would put on a “care” label if I were like a piece of clothing. It drew 226 hits. What?! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You made my day!

So how do I follow up to this surprisingly welcome support and interest?

Do I write about furniture tags, the ones that if you took them off, the FBI would magically show up at your door and arrest you? Do I write about warning labels on food? If I had to write one of those to put on my fridge, it would probably say, “Food in black styrofoam boxes guaranteed to make you purge?” Do I write about the warning message on cars that tells you kids can’t sit in the front seat? Those are written only in French and Spanish,however, so if your kid is American, you’re shit out of luck. Do I write about the tag the cleaners put on your brand new Dior gown that says, “stain could not be removed,” except there was no stain when you took it in?

Or do I write about the spiritual experience I had yesterday afternoon at Grace Methodist Church downtown? I went there to practice my one-woman show in the sanctuary. I’d only been there once, and I had not realized how absolutely gorgeous this heavenly place is. When I sat down at the piano to play my first piece, it was as if God personally took my hands in His and covered them in velvet. My own music almost made me cry. The piano had to have been made in Heaven, and the sanctuary must be what it feels like to be up there. I got in my car an hour later, and said to myself, “Yup, I’m going to take His wise counsel. I will be grateful, humble and at peace.”