Saturday, April 2, 2016



     I had coffee with a close friend the other day. When I got home, I wrote her a quick e-mail telling her how much I enjoyed our chat and how energized I always feel as I walk away from her.  How do people feel when they walk away from you? Are they energized? exhausted? frustrated? motivated? Do they feel better or worse about themselves as a result of spending time with you? I call this the “take-away.”

       The “take-away” isn’t something you can practice; it’s the aura you bring with you wherever you go. Whether it’s a random encounter in a grocery store line or an intimate conversation with a close friend about a personal issue, we all leave each other with a feeling that sometimes can make or break our day. 

     If you’re a high-energy, gregarious type, people will “take-away” something very different than that of someone who is calm, reflective and slower to react.

     What do you want your “take-away” to be? Do you want people to say to themselves, “Wow. I always feel so good when I talk to ________? or do you want them to say, “Boy, that guy can really talk.” Do you want them to feel better about themselves or more informed about you? Do you want them to admire you or bond with you? Maybe you never thought about this, and maybe it doesn’t matter to you. If it’s either of the latter, then you’ve taken away something. hmm.