Monday, April 4, 2016





     I will never forget the “towel” story. I was newly married, and my husband did not understand the rule in our house about not using the “for-decoration-only-towels.” These are the towels that hang in the guest bathroom that look like they’ve never been used (because they hadn’t). The point of hanging towels you don’t use is so that the bathroom looks fresh and clean, and people will think you are super neat and an excellent housekeeper. (Apparently, I cared at that point in my life). One day, my husband actually used one of the towels, and I got upset. He couldn’t understand why we would hang towels that we weren’t going to ever use. There was no trying to get this through his logical-lawyer-brained head, so I gave up, washed the towels and hoped for the best.

     When I told this story to our Librarian at the high school where I taught, she related her towel story. She told me that she used to get upset when her husband would use the bath towels and then leave them damp on the bathroom floor. She said she tried to explain nicely to him that his leaving them there not only caused more work for her, but it also meant that they might get mildewed if not hung up immediately. This all fell on deaf ears (a husband trait). She continued to tell me that years later, after he died, she would have given anything to see those wet towels on the floor.

     Fast forward thirty plus years and husband #2 who is not only affectionately called “Mr. Wonderful,” but also known as a bit anal (lucky me). We have three bathrooms two of which have “do-not-touch-towels” hanging in them. There is no danger of us using them, as we don’t use either of those showers. So bottom line, if we only had one bathroom, and he left his damp towels on the floor, would I say anything? What do you think? Ladies, what would you do? Question of the day:  Are towels the issue?