Wednesday, April 6, 2016

                     NO TRUMP!

There once was a rich man of note
who loved to hear himself gloat
he promised the moon with his big silver spoon
he needs to go away in a boat
(a rubber raft with holes in it)

This man has no couth and no class
his hair is as flat as his ass
he’s vulgar and rude
an obnoxious tall dude
he looks like he’s going to pass gas.
(I’m sure it’s Diesel quality)

He knows zero zilch about leading
this country will end up just bleeding
he insults all the females
and, of course, Clinton emails
It’s hatred and vengeance he’s breeding.

I feel shame and embarrassed today
that we’ve let this man get in the way
of decency, decorum
he’s made anger his forum
All I can do now is pray

that this moron who’s so filthy rich
can call women “slut” and “a bitch”
will bring down himself
and be put on a shelf
in a museum of loonies who itch.