Thursday, April 28, 2016

     Day Two/Three:  Old Folks Home

     This is the second day of eating meals with the 85 and up crowd. These people are kind, gentle, intelligent and old. Mr. Wonderful confessed this morning that he feels very uncomfortable here, even “vulnerable.” I don’t quite get the “vulnerable,” but I feel delightfully out of place. This is a beautiful facility, but I am at least ten years out on this concept. I can only see myself in one role here, “Social Director.” As we waited our turn to order our breakfast after being moved from the sunshine-flooded table, the current Director announced time for blood pressure check, foot doctor visits and the bus schedule for the beach visit.  She said, “Some of you may even want to walk on the beach.” Oh, my. There’s a concept.

      Yesterday, we saw eight, count’em eight houses in our search for our new Florida home. There were lame homes with gorgeous views, gorgeous home with out-of-sight taxes, blah homes with affordable prices—the whole gamut. No winners as yet, but I am energized by the process. It’s fascinating to see how people live, and how they prepare for clients’ viewings. Some are pristine; others need a nap. Some are beautiful; others are boring. Some people have wallpapered every square inch, and others forgot to buy furniture. 

     After returning to our 5:30 “supper,” we reminded ourselves that this is all free, thanks to our very generous friend who is allowing us to stay here while her mom is recovering from surgery. I love the fact that there’s no room for me to hang up my clothes because her 95-year-old mother is a clothes nut. I did find a copy of “Gone Girl” on her shelf, so this senior must be pretty savvy.

     Seven-times awakened by a loud snoring, I am amazingly awake as we prepare for day two in our search for our new home. Mr. Wonderful bought some nose strips in an effort to prevent my bitch-itis tomorrow. We’ll see. 

     Update:  Checked out the snack options in the fridge and discovered that all the 95-year-old lady has in there is vodka and jello. Oh, my.

     On the way to “supper” the other night, a 95-year-old vet stopped us in the hall to complain that he had mistakenly picked up his remote for his hearing aids instead of his cell. These are some of the challenges of the senior community. So precious!

     Stay tuned. New house? New adventures? New perspective. So much for which to be thankful./Three