Friday, May 20, 2016


     I think someone (like anyone but me) should invent the “ADAPT” app. This little left-click button on any digital device would solve/resolve anyone’s problems, conflicts, dilemmas in any situation.

     For example, if one’s blood drawing experience (45 minute wait, girl jabs arm, blood spilling everywhere), the “Adapt” app could just spit out a band-aid or two, and off you’d go.

    Or, if you got to the market, and they didn’t have 80% of what you needed, you could just simply click, and the items would magically appear in your basket. 

     Better yet, if the appraisers didn’t show up until an hour after they said they would (after you’d rushed around to clean the whole effen house), you could click, and they would trip on the steps entering the old homestead forcing them to leave quickly after appraising it at the perfect number for the deal to proceed:) Oops. Appraiser was super nice guy. Great little chat before he left. Let’s see what he delivers and whether we will need the ADAPT app.

     I gave a speech last night about the dangers of cell phone use (the addiction prediction, the fall-in-the-pot-hole risk, the hit the purple-haired lady while writing on phone - “ADAPT app—good blog topic,” amongst. others. I told my Toastmaster friends that the speech was timely, although I’m a total hypocrite because I don’t, can’t and won’t do anything I challenged my listeners to do. No, I cannot, will not, would not give up my digital devices for 24 hours. I would self-destruct. I cannot, will not, would not stop checking my devices several times a day. I cannot, will not, would not admit that I am addicted. I can quit anytime. Besides, soon I will have an “ADAPT” app that will solve all problems. 

    Wanted:  One techno nerd to create new app for feckless Fifi.