Wednesday, May 11, 2016

      Arkel and I did it! We gave our absolute peak/best performance last night, and we are deliciously exhausted and so very proud! The audience was right there with us as we told our story from the heart. I didn't play the role of Emma Bardac last night; I was Emma Bardac. Sandy Moulin didn't play Debussy's music last night; she was Emma playing her husband's beautiful melodies with tears and pride in her heart.

      Lessons learned:
     1.  Hard work pays off.
     2.  Stepping way way out of my comfort zone is becoming easier.
     3.  Toastmasters gave me the confidence to speak.
     4.  Wonderful teachers like concert pianist, Domonique Launey gave me the confidence to play.
     5.  Mr. Wonderful gave me the space to practice and the courage to face my fears.
     6.  Katey and Christy seemed genuinely proud.
     7.  Meditation and deep breathing work.
     8.  Daddy's perfectionistic standards and cheerleading drove me as a youngster to practice, practice, practice.
     9.  Perfectionism doesn't make the performance; feeling the music does.
    10. Gershwin, here I come:)

     Time to chill. zzzzz