Thursday, May 12, 2016

     Frog Blog:  Random Ribbit-ing from a Feckless Frog

     Well, the show is over, and now I can ribbit to my heart’s content. It was a stressful half year dealing with this Dilettante Diva to prepare for her one-woman show. One woman, my croak, what am I chopped liver? If it weren’t for me, there would have been no giggles from the gallery, and the whole thing would have been a feckless flop. My being there, speaking in fluent French to Emma as she recounted the scandal of the century (the 19th, fyi), was tantamount to the Donald’s beaver hair completing the profile.

      The most hilarious moment of this near-perfect performance, however, took place during
the final poignant rendering of old Claude’s Arabesque. As Emma was in the zone, her fingers flying over the velvet keys, a large tobacco-scented figure crept slowly across the stage heading for the ivories. She seemed not to notice, but knowing her, there is no way she could not have been distracted as the stealthy silhouette began to invade her musical space. A note or two missed, a tiny stumble, she quickly recovered and maintained the mood and essence of the harmonic finale.

     Who was this man with the small object secure in his grasp, and what on earth was he doing? You guessed it; it was the videographer trying to get “just the right angle” for the video promotion Emma hired him to capture. Well, if he didn’t capture something unique in that cameo role he assigned himself, there will be hell to pay when the bill comes. Frankly, my dears, I do not want to be there when that scene unfolds. He's a real "pro" though, so I'm sure in the end, she will be thrilled with the result.

      I am back on the bed, perched over the anti-crease pillow, looking good for the occasional guests who will visit the old homestead for the last time before the big move at the end of June. I can hardly wait for my next audition when Diva takes on the role of Kay Swift to tell the George Gershwin story. Kay Swift’s theme song was “Can’t We Be Friends?” Maybe the video guy will be singing that tune if the three-minute promotional video is not “perfect.” Just sayin’.