Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Entertaining Number One

     Do you know how to entertain yourself for long periods of time? This may seem like a ridiculous question to some, especially to those still in the work force. Think about what you would do with your time if you had no responsibilities, no agenda, no kids to watch or cart to the nearest sports arena, no meetings to attend, no cleaning to tackle. Think about what you would do with this time with no money, just your own resources to entertain number one.

     I recall when I was a teacher, and we were seemingly blessed with a snow day. Wow! A whole day with not one thing I had to do. That was so awesome. Some people slept it away; others did the couch potato shuffle (back and forth to the fridge), and some type As like me would work ahead on my lesson plans so I would have more free time to entertain myself over the week-end.

     This question stands before me today as I try to figure out how to entertain myself until 6:00 tonight when I will perform in front of over 200 people. Whatever I choose to do must be cheap, relaxing and mind-engaging so I focus on staying calm. With two movers coming to the house to give us the bad news on moving costs, staying home is certainly not an option. Mr. Wonderful can deal with them. My daughter is here, and she must give a Webinar on Sex at noon, so I may have to fly solo these next 13 hours.

     What would you do? Here are some options I’m considering:

1.  walking briskly in the park with music in my ears
2.  shopping (shopping can produce any results I choose)
3.  working out (always a stress reliever)
4.  reading (has to be a riveting book today—none on my I-pad at the moment)
5.  eating my favorite bagel at Panera 
6.  writing this blog

     Most in the work force would give anything for a day like this, but give them four or five days, they will begin to fidget, perseverate and actually become downright anxious with no agenda. If you’re an athlete who plays a sport that requires no money, you are lucky—throw on a wristband and go for it. If you’re a golfer, go get your piggy bank. If you’re a runner, lucky you. If you’re a clothes hound, the piggy bank won’t cut it, and if you’re a gym rat, remember to pace yourself.

     This is my food for thought for the day. Want a taste?

P.S.  Check out my horoscope:)

You feel as if you're on center stage, ready to give a million-dollar performance. Happily, the combination of your talent and enthusiasm is appreciated by your friends. In fact, they like you enough to applaud and ask for more, whether or not you're up for doing an encore. Although the positive feedback energizes you, it's absolutely critical to know when to stop. If you push the envelope too far, you could ruin a magical moment. Leaving your audience wanting more is the mark of a true entertainer.