Friday, May 6, 2016

Eye for an “I”

     How would your life be different if you took your ego out of the equation? What do you do on a weekly basis that involves your ego? Do you consider yourself egotistical? How can any of us answer that question objectively? Do our egos get in the way of an honest response to these questions? What is the ego actually? According to the dictionary, the short answer is “self-importance, self-image.” This implies that when we act from the ego, we focus mainly on how we see ourselves either through our own eyes, through the eyes of others or both. The latter is impossible, but we humans do this anyway—making assumptions as to what others feel or believe about us. 

     My newest challenge is to take my ego out of my concert in order to relax and deliver a more sensitive performance of my music and message. The ego-delete challenge can be useful for anything we do where we want to excel, i.e. sports, music, work performance, parenting, etc. So think about whether you can relate in any of these categories to my challenge: take the ego out of the equation.  For me, this means that when I stand before 200 people on a stage that I focus on my message not on how it’s received. This means:

  1. do not worry about how people see me physically
  2. do not worry about whether people think I’m articulate
  3. do not worry about whether I give an excellent performance
  4. do not worry about how this performance could define me

     Well, you might say, “Good luck with that, lady!” Well, this is my challenge. According to my newest read, “The Inner Game of Music,” I am supposed to be so carried away with my interpretation of the music that I forget the audience or where I am, and my fingers take the people on a moving journey of harmony and delight. But, I say, “What about my jitters and my heart racing so fast that it feels like it’s going to pop right out of my chest?” The answer is, “That’s ego.” In other words, if I don’t focus on numbers 1-4 above, I can focus on the joy at hand and take my listeners into another world of my own creation. It’s like losing yourself in a great movie—you forget who and where you are because you are so engaged in the story. 

While you’re all scratching your heads and asking yourselves, “Why does this woman put herself in these situations to begin with?” I am meditating, murmuring my mantra in my sleep and  humming my melodies while counting my crunches. What would happen if you starved your ego? I double-dog dare you to try it—just for a day or two.