Sunday, May 29, 2016

     More fun throwbacks, and it's not even Thursday. I think it's Sunday, but if we're not careful, Monday's threatening.

     Top left is a really nice young man whose name is Christian something. Where are you? The bottom photo shows you what fun we used to have. Music was always part of the Fifi/George curriculum, and there she is, in the flesh, Fifi herself. A few of my retired friends like to call me Fifi, and there's a cool consignment store down the street from our new house called, "Fifi's." And the legacy continues???

     My retired friends don't know that I used to be a redhead, and before that. well never mind. I finally retired this suit due to the upcoming move. It hurt deeply. I loved that suit. Some nasty moth got into it, and a tiny hole prevented me from wearing it the past few years. It's been hanging in my closet reminding me of "les années passées." Never mind that I looked like a fullback.

     These student photos have shown up in various albums, so do not be offended if you don't see yourself. I loved you all and hope you are all healthy and enjoying life.