Monday, May 23, 2016

     When I was newly married in the 60s,  we had a recliner chair. I recall my initial glimpse of my father-in-law on my first visit to my future in-law's home. He was sprawled out cold in his recliner chair, and I remembered my mother's wise words:  "If you want to know what he will be like, look at his father." I thought to myself at age 21, "Oh, Lord. Not this." Well, where was my brain when we purchased a recliner chair shortly after we moved into our first apartment? Sure enough, several nights a week, my newlywed love was out cold, mouth hanging open, tiny drool descending, snorts and snores escaping. Was this to be my new life? Yup.

     When we moved into our first house, I told myself, "No more recliner chairs." I will not continue losing my husband to the comfort coffin. So that was the end of the recliner chair in our home. Fast forward fifty years. I am now married to hubby #2, "Mr. Wonderful." Now this husband has no recliner chair, so he falls asleep on the couch shortly after dinner every night and enjoys the same luxury as hubby #1. I don't really care that he does this, as I am upstairs in my woman cave doing my own thing. As we are getting set to move to a new home where the living room couch is not comfortable enough for my love to sleep on, ironically, we are in the market for a, yup, you guessed it, recliner chair. This chair will go in his library so he can lie back, read his book, listen to his music or watch his TV in the comfort and privacy of the room down the hall. As I will have no "woman cave" in the new digs, I will take over the living room (or any other room I choose) and do my own thing. Comfort has never been high on my list, so the formal couch will be fine for my writing, thinking, reading or occasional TV watching.

     How times have changed. What I came to view as the enemy (the pull the lever back version), I now see as a wonderful convenience. It provides Mr. Wonderful with his nightly ritual, and it allows me the run of the house. Yay, me. I didn't even try to orchestrate this; it just evolved. Who knew? What about you? Do you have a recliner? A favorite chair? Do you spend nights side by side or in separate places?