Friday, May 27, 2016

One Voice 
            by Sandra Moulin

In a world of meuhs and memes, we communicate by thumbs
poetry no longer rimes, children zap moving targets on small screens
fresh air is a luxury

In a world overdosed on terror, drugs and hate rhetoric
rockers on porches sit motionless 
the wisdom of generations drowned out by cries of vengeance

In a world focused on one-ups and superlatives
trees weep and oceans moan
people yearn to hear the footsteps of reason

In a world of loose cannons and corporate greed
personal space is crowded
the fanfare of the common man goes unheard

In a world where freedom of speech fuels
Common Sense is uncommon
outrageous is the norm

One day, one moment, one voice
we must savor, we must value, we must speak.