Monday, May 30, 2016

      Wilmington, Wrightstville Beach - beautiful!

Wilmington, Intracoastal (3 min. walk)               Siesta Key Beach, Sarasota, Florida  (35min)

                                                  La Nouvelle maison et piscine


     It isn’t easy giving up attitudes; it’s easier giving up brussel sprouts (how do you spell a brussle anyway?) Attitudes are handed down to us through our parents, relatives, teachers, society from birth. Some we just accept and own, and others we reject. Some of my most shameful attitudes have been nurtured and polished through the years. Guess what? I must change them, as we leave all I’ve worked for the past ten years and head to a brand new state, community, home and life. Hmm. Is there a manual for this?

     Attitude #1:  Custom homes designed by yours truly are the best.

    Adjustment:  Having a roof over one’s head is a luxury, and one needs to be grateful for shelter, warmth and a place to reflect. It’s not about square footage.

     Attitude #2:  Having a large lot with no neighbor on one side gives coveted privacy that is way cool.

     Adjustment:  Having neighbors with whom to chat and socialize is a nice perk when moving somewhere where you know only 7 people.

     Attitude #3:  Having established a reputation for which one has worked hard and sacrificed often is a lovely thing.

      Adjustment:  Starting from scratch is refreshing and invigorating. Meeting new people is always fun, and reinventing oneself is stimulating.

     Attitude #4:  Having a close group of special friends is a gift.

    Adjustment:  Ugh.

     Attitude #5:  Living in a home where everything is decorated and designed exactly as you wish for optimum comfort, entertainment and pride makes one feel secure and grounded.

     Adjustment:  Starting over with a whole new set of rooms, colors, fabrics, BILLS, will be great fun.

      Attitude #6:  Being able to walk to the Intracoastal and sit on the bench with Mr. Wonderful is always so peaceful, and we feel so lucky.

      Adjustment:  Get over it. We have our own pool, pond and preserve, albeit modest.

     Attitude# 7:  Being familiar with streets, shopping centers, daily conveniences makes one feel “at home.”

     Adjustment:  Get over it. There is a brand new state-of-the-art mall the size of Texas right down the street with all my favorite stores.

     Attitude #8:  Leaving all the terrific cultural jewels of our town will be very hard.

     Adjustment:  Place we will live has state-of-the-art cultural venues with top name entertainers and beautiful historic buildings, some on the water.

     Attitude #9:  Having been able to perform in our small community has been a dream-come-true, especially at my age. How will I prove myself in a much more competitive environment?

     Adjustment:  Remain humble about ability, and take it one step at a time. We can do this.

     Attitude #10:  The past ten years have taught us many lessons, earned us a circle of wonderful friends and given us a place to grow. 

     Adjustment:  We will take what we’ve learned, remain humbled by it all, and remember that people are the same everywhere you go; you just have to reach out and be real.