Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Bear #1: Hey, Bro:  Can you believe we are finally on our way?

Bear #2:  No, I can’t believe it! It was touch and go there for a while. I thought the Diva was going to lose it. You know how she starts kind of frothing?

Bear #1:  Yeah, but she reeled it in, so it’s all good now.

Bear #2:  I hope. She’s got us strapped in, so I hope she keeps it together for the next 15 hours.

Bear #1:  Did you see what they discovered with the armoire?

Bear #2:  No, I was watching the Le Bron re-run before they disabled the cable.

Bear #1:  Well that puppy may fall apart in transit. I hope her stilettos don’t go flying down the highway when it blows.

Bear #2:  Me too. I wouldn’t want to be around when that woman loses her shoes. BTW, why would she put her shoes in the armoire anyway?

Bear #1:  She hides them there, so he doesn’t know how many she’s got. 

Bear #2:  I don’t know why she cares. She pays for them with the grocery money she holds out. He keeps whining that he doesn’t have enough to eat. If he only knew:)

Bear #1:  Bear with me, bro. This woman has a very unique system. In fact, if she didn’t watch her pennies so carefully, this whole deal could have gone up in smoke. She caught a major error at the last minute, and I was thinking, “Boy, I wouldn’t want to be the underwriter right now.”

Bear #2:  She kept it together, and I was amazed at how calm and sweet she was. Did someone put a tranquilizer in her Snapple?

Bear #1:  Yeah, right. Well, here we go. I love the loud music she’s playing. Really sets me free.

Bear #2:  Better than Spa or Coffee House. If we’re going to be trapped in this seat, we need to rock it! 

Bear#1:  Oh, no look, she’s crying.