Thursday, June 30, 2016

     What can you tolerate? If you are a Type A like yours truly, the answer is “Not much, short of total organization and control.” Well, guess what? When one moves, all that goes out the window, assuming you can even see the windows which may be covered by numerous art work crates and wardrobe boxes. 

     It takes no genius to figure out that when one moves all one’s belongings to another state hundreds of miles away, there will be some level of “mess.” Well, the question remains, “How does said Type A  function in the mess?” One just does. What choice is there? All boxes will get emptied in due time, but suspending one’s routine is not

acceptable. One must find one’s rhythm.

     My rhythm has changed from 4/4 predictable and steady to 9/16 syncopated with no rallentandos or fermatas. For those of you uneducated in the music field, there is probably no such thing  as 9/16, and rallentando means slowing down, and fermatas are “holds.” Needless to say, there is nothing predictable about moving, certainly nothing steady, and a jerky stop/start kind-of rhythm is undoubtedly the norm. Trying to sync one’s routine with “mess,” is no easy task. 

     Here’s what I have learned in 5 days:

  1. I can practice surrounded by art crates and random chairs which have no home.
  2. I can squeeze 300 square feet into 3.
  3. I can still put on dinner when I keep going to the cupboards from the old house.
  4. I can work out on cement, in a closet or on the garage floor.
5.   I can nap on the floor, in the tub or standing up, whichever is available.

I can do this. It was easy at 22, 38, 42, 49 and 62. At 73, it’s a little harder, but anyone can do it with the right amount of muscle, determination and Butterfinger Bites.