Thursday, June 23, 2016

Day Two of Move to Florida. Arrived at new house to find that there was no electricity. Joy. Mr. Wonderful hightails it to the garage to call power company, et voilĂ --air. Whew. Cannot deal with ugly pink wall if cheeks are flushed from frustration and 97 degree heat.

Head out to pool which is glistening in the sun with frogs croaking in the pond behind us. This helps.

Went on some errands, and when we returned, our fabulous realtor had left several surprise gifts for us. One was a pair of beach chairs, a little table, a beach bag with towels and floaties for both of us as well as a candle with a lighter for us to sit and relax poolside. She is awesome and represents the kindness and warmth we have felt from everyone we've encountered so far.

UTC Mall - a dream come true. Smell the mall air! Hmmmm. I introduced myself to all the nice saleswomen in my favorite stores. Wrote down their names on my phone so I can address them politely when I spend the few dollars we will have left after decorating the house.
Outside the mall, we looked up and saw this gorgeous sky. Ah, Florida evenings. Nothing like them. 
Thank you, God. One day at a time. Still miss our cherished friends in Wilmington, but, hopefully, they will come visit the tiny house next year.

Mr. Wonderful has dealt with all the crises, even driving the Boxster at 80 mph on the phone. Yay, Mr. Wonderful. You are the man! xo