Monday, June 27, 2016


     We all have the power to design the life we love, but we don’t always have the resources. Having just left the life I loved, I am faced with a fresh slate. This is an exciting but unsettling position in which to find oneself. It would be one thing if you were leaving what you hated; but I left what I loved. I loved my daily routine, my wonderful friends, the identity I created the past ten years and the lovely home we enjoyed. I am not complaining—-far from it, for the opportunities of an equally fulfilling lifestyle await. it does give one pause, however, to think about how to start all over when we know almost no one, and we are not yet at home with our environment.

     What resources would you tap in this position. Maybe you are facing it or will soon face such change. Are the resources internal or external? What inner resources do you wish you had? More confidence? More stamina? More resilience? 

     We have been in our new hometown a total of 72 hours. In that short period of time, we have encountered numerous people who have been so kind and so complimentary. Some of them we have known for minutes; only one have we known for months. The strangers were all welcoming with warm smiles and friendly tips. We both know that people are people everywhere. Some are kind; some are surly, some are friendly, others are aloof. The life we design will include all because we grow as we learn to choose our reactions to every type. We can be judgmental, or we can be compassionate. Some days it’s easier to be the former rather than the latter, but we always have a choice. 

     None of us really needs to move away to make this choice. None of us really needs to move away to “design a life” we love. It’s a daily decision. What’s yours today?