Monday, June 13, 2016


     I don’t know if the butterflies in my chest this morning are a result of Mr. Wonderful’s snores awakening me in the middle of the night, the personal challenges I face this week or the tragedies in Orlando. I suppose it’a all of the above. Would that I could “love” away my anxiety and “love” back the innocent lives lost over the week-end. I can’t. So what can I do? What can each one of us do to put in perspective what happens in our country or what happens in our own lives? How can we feel safe when fear swells in our heads and bodies? How can we make sense of the senseless? 

     There are no easy answers; maybe there are no answers. Bottom line:  we must go on. We must accept that  even if we are powerless in the big picture, we can be powerful in the small. I will focus on what I can do to keep centered, to stay strong so I can support those who need me and keep in perspective what is beyond my control.

      We are not walking the walk alone.