Thursday, June 9, 2016

     Social Media has its faults. Some days when I go to post my blog headline, I scroll through unending photos of peoples’ pets and “updated profile photos” where some seem to think we need to check out their dental work. Au contraire, I do learn things, both useful and feckless, and that’s partly why I continue to succumb to the 5:00 a.m. “scroll syndrome.”

     Yesterday, I inadvertently found out that my Arizona daughter is planning a trip to visit a New York City former student. I love it when my family connects with my “kids” from the high school where I taught for 25 years. What a treat to discover that my biological and educational offspring will share conversations and undoubtedly jokes about yours truly. My student, Stella Chang, is a fabulous fashion designer/artist whose work is unique and stunning. My daughter, Katey, whose brain works faster than the speed of sound, will take in all of Stella’s magic and put a pen to it that will bring “omg”s and chuckles for all of you Facebook friends to savor.

     Yesterday, I saw photos of another former students’ two teen-agers dressed up for prom. I remember when this student was prom age, and now he’s the photographer. Where did the years go?

     I saw a photo of a former French student who married a Frenchman and moved to Versailles. She is now mother of a darling little boy, and she is even more beautiful than she was as a young girl in my class. She is like a daughter to me, and I continue to connect with her off and on. Lucky me.

     Nordstom and Macy’s put out some new stilettos for me to enjoy. As funds are being diverted for new house decorating, I can only drool and dream about these sticks for now. I hope I can find enough boxes to house my collection as it travels south for two days.

     I was offered an opportunity to sign a recall petition for the absent-minded judge who, for some unknown reason, lost his sense of justice when he gave a 6-month sentence to a rapist. How does that make you feel about your daughters’ and grand-daughters’ safety? 

     A friend said recently, “Social media is so lame. It’s for Narcissists.” Yes, that’s probably true, but it does have its merits, and for now, I’m enjoying the nostalgia and the fur.