Tuesday, June 28, 2016

     When my world was set to shrink 300 square feet, leaving me without my “Woman Cave,” I was not a happy camper. It’s amazing, though, how creative one can be replacing the privacy and workout space I so dearly loved.

     My giant desk crowned with printer, lamp and laptop which housed all my necessary writing implements, correspondence materials and a file drawer containing my entire life,
has been replaced by this little puppy. I bought it at least 25 or more years ago, and I’ve never used it. It’s a replica of an antique with little drawers down the side and cubbies inside the lift-up top. It just so happens that it fits perfectly in the corner of our master bedroom and looks out at Mama Nature’s splendor each morning. I watch the sunrise daily as I’m writing emails and blogs, and I wonder what more I could ask for. It’s beautiful, and I am delighted.

     The 300 square feet has been reduced to an 8’ x 10’ master bathroom tile floor where I now do my morning workout. Pandora and I jam while I lift my trusty weights over my tired fuzzy head. It’s all good.

     I can’t watch TV while I’m having breakfast anymore. I used to enjoy catching up on the horrors of the world in my WC nest, but alas, there’s no TV where I eat now. This is a good thing I sit on the lanai looking at the morning dew on the pond in front of me and listening to the waterfall caressing the pool. I know nothing of terrorists, political demonizing or what star is fat now. I just listen to Mother Nature. It’s all good.

     Mr. Wonderful is smiling because the sun shines often, and the afternoon rain waters the lawn and plants. He can focus on other things like how he will hang the 25 pieces of art work that are sitting in huge cardboard boxes leaning against the dining room wall. We’ll see how long the smile lasts.

     Feeling humble, I am happy to say, “It’s all good.”