Saturday, June 18, 2016



Bear 1:  Do you think we can trust her to get us all the way to the sunshine state? 

Bear 2:  A better question, bro, is can we trust him to smile once he gets to the sunshine.

B1:  He’s smiling now—big time.

B2:  Yeah, but that’s before he gets the bill for the flood insurance on the only house in the development that needs it.

B1:  Good point, but she always makes lemonade out of lemons.

B2:  True, but we are assuming she can find the lemons once we get there.

B1:  Did they bring food for us?

B2:  Dunno.

B1:  Well, the stores aren’t that far away. We can just hightail it down there and get our own.

B2:  Yeah, but, I hear there are alligators there. What if one of those puppies starts following us?

B1:  No problem, bro. I have my Special K.

B2:  That’s a cereal, not a rifle, silly.

B1:  The way it tastes, we can just throw some at the monster, and he will gag and die with the first bite.

B2:  Good plan, my man.

B1:  What is she going to do all day while he’s out playing tennis with his buddies?

B2:  Oh, she’ll be lining up her gigs. You know, she’s performing Gershwin next.

B1:  I thought he was dead.

B2:  He is, silly, but she is playing the role of his lover and telling the story of his life.

B1:  Why does she want to talk about dead people. I thought the lover was dead too.

B2:  She is, but it’s a fascinating story.

B1:  Seems to me she should talk about someone living like M & M or Lady Go Go.

B2:  Let it go. You don’t get it. Let’s just hold on. We have 11 hours to go. We’re going to need our sense of humor for this one.