Tuesday, June 7, 2016

                  Ten Things I’ve Learned While Preparing to Move

  1. My life looks weird in a cardboard box.
  2. It is hard to decide which of the 4,926 photos to take with us.
  3. Whose idea was this, anyway?
  4. Saying good-bye to friends sucks.
  5. I wonder if the walls in our new house leak after being pummeled by a tropical storm last night.
    (Yay. We bought a garage with attached house)

  6. The Swiffer doesn’t really work that well.
  7. Stopping to read the newspaper that I’m wadding up to line the box is slowing down progress.
  8. Hmm. I never sat on that couch.
  9. Should we take, “Who Moved My Cheese?”
  10. The mover should give us a discount based on how many boxes I’ve packed and how many cuts are on my hands.

     Many of our friends think we’re crazy to move at our age. We are.

     Will the grass really be greener? The only grass that I want to think about right now has to be smoked. (Actually never tried it. Maybe it’s time:)

P.S.  The co-owner of Twinkies just bought the Playboy mansion. Why is that so funny?