Sunday, June 19, 2016

     On this last Sunday in our home of ten years, I think about the irony of our impending move.
It is Father’s Day. My beloved father is probably looking down on us, saying, “It’s about time you move to Florida. You know that’s the only place worth living.” Yes, he was rather opinionated. If you didn’t do things his way, you were made to feel stupid. Let me be clear, we are not moving because of his words; as a matter of fact, it’s not even me who came up with this idea. Nonetheless, I am sure Daddy is smiling. I know Mr. Wonderful is, and I’m holding my breath, praying that giggles and smiles will surface once our new house looks like me, not like its present owners. 

     I also share this photo of “Poof.” I’ve been trying to figure out where this ball came from and whether to pack him. It brought to mind the ball that Tom Hanks found floating in the ocean in the film, “Castaway.” I feel like “Poof” this morning, floating aimlessly, wondering where I will end up. Will someone rescue me and care for me once I hit land? I hope so, as I’m feeling very weird this morning heading into a whole new life in my seventh decade. Not surprising, however, as Chet always said, “Don’t be a follower. Don’t conform. Be a leader.” Well, what septuagenarian in her right mind would move hundreds of miles away where she knows barely anyone? Certainly not a conformist.

     Our new city and community is gorgeous, and there will be all kinds of new opportunities to enjoy the rest of our “golden years.” People are people. There will be warm and friendly souls and some you don’t get at all. No one can predict the weather, so with all the strange patterns of the recent past, it could snow in August there. Who knows? People say, “Why do you want to live in Florida? It’s so hot there, and everyone is old.” We are leaving record heat here, and the humidity ruins my hair even at 80%—so what’s the difference? We are old, and sweat is sweat whether it be 85 degrees or 95 degrees. Hello. That’s why we have a pool.

     This morning, I say to Daddy, “It’s a new adventure. I am certainly not conforming, and I will enjoy Florida my way.” I hope it will be as easy floating as this ball, and when we get there, “Poof!” it will all be wonderful.