Saturday, June 11, 2016

     Perspective. Three syllables that can change a person’s attitude, vision and path, yet how often do we lose it? I remember a former colleague saying to me years ago, “Sometimes when I’m all uptight, I pretend there’s a ladder hanging down from an airplane high above me. I climb the ladder in my head, and I sit on the top rung, and I look down. Somehow when I can see the big picture, everything becomes more clear, and I realize that what’s got me all churned up is only a curled corner in the picture of my life.” Actually, he wasn’t quite that poetic, but you get the gist. 

     I am getting ready to confront some challenges and adventures all in the same week. Mr. Wonderful said, “You have to get perspective.” I thought to myself, “Yeah, right. Easy for you to say.” But I know deep down, he is right. So, how, you might ask, do you get perspective when you’re all in a knot?

     Here are a few ways I have found that have worked in the past. This does not mean they will work for me this week, but I find some comfort in listing them. Maybe you can add one or two to your arsenal when challenges loom before you, especially the unexpected ones.

  1. When have I been in similar situations that I figured it out and something good came of it all?
  2. What’s the worst that can happen? Prepare for that, and the rest is easy.
  3. Sometimes you just have to let it go, let it evolve. When did I do that and it worked?
  4. Who do I know who has endured these kinds of challenges, and how did they get through them?
  5. Who and what are my resources? Write them down, and have them at my fingertips.
  6. The greater the challenge, the more urgent is the need to be proactive. 

     I look at this photo, and I say to myself, “Wow! I’m looking at this from a point of view I never imagined. Look at all the light in the darkness.”