Friday, July 29, 2016

     Day #3 Tile Installation - Day #34 Installed in new home, new state:

          As we come up for air amidst the dust and grout particles, we decide to take a dip in the pool to discuss how it feels so far to leave the security and comfort of our home of 10 years and venture into the unknown. It is interesting to weigh the pros and cons of making a life-changing decision. Of course, once the deed is done, it really doesn’t matter so much how one feels as how one adjusts to those feelings.

      Mr. Wonderful whose idea it was (for the past 5 years) to move to a warmer climate isn’t quite as “at home” as yours truly who always embraces change with energy and optimism. This is not to say that tomorrow, I won’t have a melt down and he won’t find the best friend of his life. Much of adapting to change is our expectations and our past experiences. I have lived alone in a new environment where I had no one but myself to rely on. I have traveled alone to foreign countries and made friends for life. I have faced a life-threatening illness and survived. I have lost friends and family to devastating illnesses and quickly learned that it no longer mattered whether the tile matched or the bedspread was straight. Adjusting to change is always unsettling no matter what our age, but the older we are when we are faced with “new,” the harder it is in some ways. We have learned by the time we are “seniors” the true value of friendship, good health and the blessing of loved ones. When sequestered in
the bedroom hiding from the dust with nothing to do, this mature philosophy doesn’t always bring relief, however.

     Here are some things we’ve learned in the past 34 days:

  1. Change is unsettling but energizing.
  2. “New” isn’t always better.
  3. Sunshine comforts.
  4. Warm pool water calms and soothes.
  5. Nightly sunset watching warms the soul.
  6. Walking hand-in-hand feels good.
  7. People are wonderful everywhere if you’re lucky enough to meet the right ones. It’s a crapshoot. We have been very lucky.
  8. There are idiot drivers in every state.
  9. Watching a new home emerge from its former state is exciting.
  10. You take yourself wherever you go.
  11. We didn’t develop lifelong friendships overnight; it takes time and nurturing.
  12. No one knows who we were or cares.
  13. Facing a new hair stylist is scary.
  14. Today’s worries will be yesterday’s laughs.
  15. It is very expensive setting up a new household. Who knew the exorbitant price of a towel ring?
  16. What you think you’re going to save in one category will be swallowed up in another.
  17. We miss our friends.
  18. I wish I had a Grandma.
  19. What happened to the fine art of shoe repair?
  20. A sense of humor is a crucially important tool.

     The tile guy will finish phase #1 Monday. A one-week respite will feel good, and our weekly beach outing on Sunday morning always refreshes and invigorates. The Maître D of our breakfast hangout hugs us hello and good-bye already, and the waitress already knows our order before we sit down in our wet bathing suits. Life is good. Ready for days 35-42.