Saturday, July 2, 2016

   What a difference a week makes. Today marks the one week anniversary of our move to Florida. We have left our wonderful cherished friends, our custom dream home and our exquisite beaches and restaurants. Mr. Wonderful has left his beloved tennis cronies, and I’ve left my identity as “Dramatic Musilogue” Diva. It’s all sad, but we feel we left on the “write-note,” and we’re up for the adventure awaiting just around the cardboard.

     We cannot look back; we must look forward, but I’ve learned a valuable lesson over the past few months. I’ve learned that all we have is the present moment, the 24hours before us, and that’s where we need to put our energy. How did I learn this? A health scare. When you flee into the health bubble, everything outside of it becomes meaningless. When you escape from the health bubble, life is all beautiful with endless possibilities. I don’t like talking about health, so I don’t share these health hiccups with but a very few, so the reason is irrelevant, the lesson life-changing. So today I look ahead to a day of errands, sunshine, shopping and a dip in the glorious pool. Thank you, Big Guy.

     The Florida sky is pure blue, and the sun shining  through my window onto my tiny desk energizes and inspires. No matter the temperatures, I can walk, talk, skip, hear, see, feel and savor Butterfinger bites. Life is good.

     With no wifi, no TV, no workout equipment, it’s amazing how busy one can be. Imagine a day, just one day, without these luxuries. We realize that TV is lame, and we don’t need to know anymore about Isis and the Donald. We realize that we probably spend way too much time on the keyboard, and guess what? We can walk in the sunshine and lift weights overlooking the pond. Who knew?

     Some things never change. I still overcook the chicken, and he still clears his throat. I still fret over my curls, and he still loves his garage. I still have to have everything neat, and he still leaves his one piece of paper toweling scrunched up on the counter. (He was a Depression child who learned not to waste. If you can use a piece of toweling once, you can use it at least 14 more times:( The one big challenge for me is to get over the fact that we now live in a “starter” home. I guess that’s appropriate as we are “starting” over, but being used to a certain level of luxury, it is hard to step down, so to speak. My Daddy always said, “Buy the cheapest house in the most expensive neighborhood.” Well, that’s basically what we did. I think in another five years from now, I will have accepted that premise. For now, I struggle with our friends in their Mercedes driving into our garage with house attached. It’s not that I’m not grateful, as I truly am; but it’s a new reality. I realize it’s all ego and pride, and that’s bad according to the Good Book, but that book is packed in a box somewhere under my VS garter belt that I’m keeping for posterity. 

     It’s all good and kind of amusing. If you were up in a helicopter looking down, you would think we’re a funny sitcom. I’m thinking of suggesting to Mr. Wonderful that he consider being a greeter at our local Lowe’s store. Hmm. I think he would look really hot in that red apron.