Monday, July 4, 2016

    I double-dog dare you to go through an entire week with no TV and no wifi. Trust me, you will feel like you are living on another effen planet. First of all, the quiet is deafening. Secondly, you can’t respond to any messages unless you have fingers the width of a fern frond. Finally, you have no idea what’s going on in the world, and Mr. Wonderful can’t watch history in the making from 1712. He’s beside himself.

     A vrai dire, it’s wonderful! We watch nature and listen to the frog chorus. We count how many times the bull frog croaks and then how many times his buddies croak back. It’s hilarious. What has my life come to?

     Writing a blog on an I-phone takes special talent. The writing time has quadrupled, and my clever rhetoric has taken a serious nose-dive due to my frustration with the device changing my French words into sanscrit.

     I am not knocking the I-phone. Lord knows, we would be lost without them. Even though we have to charge them every four minutes, they have saved us. When I shop, and Mr. Wonderful is in the car (in 94 heat) taking his nap, he can text me upon awakening, and pick me up at the entrance to the boutique. I like this, as when he wakes up, he’s usually rather groggy, and he doesn’t notice the four bags I’m carrying. No matter, I pay for all my own stuff, so he really has no voice in the shopping conversation. Of course I can’t blame him when I overspend the budget either. 

     La vie est belle pour le moment. Je suis reconnaissante!