Thursday, July 7, 2016

     I have never had a green thumb. I have been green with envy, and I have been green from sickness, but from pruning plants—-jamais! Well, the nice people who owned this house offered us a deal we couldn’t pass up—about 25 plants for $150 complete with pots. I post these photos now, and I commit in front of all my followers (all 4 of you) to do my very best to keep these puppies alive for at least one year. How will I do this? Well, apparently, all you have to do is water them (the exact amount), fertilize them occasionally, and talk sweetly to them. I have the third one down, but the others will be determined in time. I broke down and purchased a pair of pruning shears to cut off the dead leaves and fronds, and I even wrote down the name of the fertilizer—Miracle Grow, obviously named after people with my double-jointed flesh-colored thumbs. I told Mr. Wonderful that I didn’t know how you would sheer a prune, but he didn’t laugh.

     I’ve tried speaking French to this tiny forest, and they seem to perk right up. There are no flowers in the group—I am the only budding artist. Flowers are for the neon green thumbers, I guess. 

     I purchased this thing called a hydrometer. I had one years ago when I managed over 20 indoor house plants. Actually, I was pretty successful with them, thanks to this tool. Of course, if the new hydrometer malfunctions, I’m cooked.

     This gives a whole new meaning to turning over a new leaf.