Monday, July 11, 2016

MORNING MUSINGS from the tiny desk:


     1:38 a.m.   - “I know. I’ll take my walk early, and then I’ll come back and practice while Mr. Wonderful is wowing them on the tennis courts.

     2:49 a.m. - “Hm. I should probably call the piano mover again. I don’t know why he hasn’t returned my call or text. People are not dependable.”

     3:15 a.m. - “It’s only 3:15 a.m. ugh.”

     4:07 a.m. - “All right. It’s time to get up. This is dumb.”

     4:29 a.m. - “Am I up yet?”

     4:31 a.m. - “I know. I’ll do my arms/abs workout when I get back from my walk. A friend asked me yesterday if there were any alligators on my walk. I told her that I hadn’t seen any, but I must admit, that is a concern. Will they just pounce on me or slither along behind me as I zigzag down the street?”


     4:44 a.m. - “So much for setting the timer on the coffee pot for 4:50 a.m. I sure hope the guy comes to hang our paintings. I’m tired of looking at all these crates.”

      5:45 a.m. - “Wow. Look at the sky! It’s gorgeous. I love watching sunrises over the pond. What a way to start the day.”