Saturday, July 9, 2016

     Yesterday’s shopping trek took a serendipitous detour. We were driving along on our way to a specific furniture store in a last-ditch effort to find an entertainment center to house the new TV we have not yet purchased. As we approached the store, we noticed another furniture store set back off the road. It was a new building with beautiful palm trees lining the circular driveway, so we stopped to check it out. Lo and behold, we found not just the unit we were seeking but a couple of other items as well. Oh, my.

     After signing our lives away (again), we decided to forego the meatloaf waiting at home and go to our favorite restaurant to celebrate our spending by spending more. This is a logical and typical routine that Mr. Wonderful and I have perfected over the years. We found a cozy table, one which would accommodate our writing implements so we could list all we bought and see if we really spent all we thought. Sure enough. Right in the middle of our calculations and celebration, a large man walked up behind me and stuck his finger into not one but two of the dessert samples on the dessert tray behind me. I couldn’t believe it! A grown man putting his filthy digits into a luscious dessert? People are so rude and disgusting. Sometime I’m sorry I am part of the “people” species.

     I had planned to enjoy the steak salad that is a specialty of this place, and based on the above, we chose to share it. Well, that was very smart and low-cal nutritious until I took a bite of the warm doughy bread to my left. Oh my. Two huge chunks later, I was feeling almost as ashamed as the large man should have been. The difference, of course, was that the food was mine. 

    Moral of story:  Watch out for pleasing palms and dirty digits.