Tuesday, July 12, 2016

     What's your morning ritual? Are you fanatic about it? For example, if you have guests in your home, does that disturb your routine and make you anxious? Do you prefer to ease into your day, like my guy, or are you like me, and you hop out of bed ready to take on the world (at 4:35 a.m.:)

     Moving to a new state which offers a new lifestyle has necessitated a countertop of prep. Am I excited about it? Not really, but sometimes there are no choices.

    The creams on the left are to protect me from the sun I intend to enjoy on a daily basis. The cream on the right has become a weekly medication for all the boxes that keep scraping my skin and creating hideous purple marks (a depressing sign of aging), and the emery board is to keep my fingers practicing before my morning walk around our beautifully-manicured sub-tropical neighborhood. The roller (hello 60s) is necessary to maintain the curls that disappear with every footstep. The prep is worth the payoff---a morning "wave"of music and nature What more could I ask for?

     What's on your counter? Is the prep worth the payoff?