Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Common expressions heard in our car:

  1. "Are you effen kidding me?!"

2.  “Why did they F-up this light? There’s no reason for us to be sitting here for two entire minutes.”

3.  ‘Omg!”

4.  “Do you really have to steer with your knee?”

5.  “Did you see that guy?”

6.  “What is that moron doing?”

7.  “That bitch is in our lane. Watch out!”

8.  “Why are you taking off your shoes now while you’re driving?”

9.  “Didn’t we just pass that street?”
10. “I thought you knew where it was!”

11.  “I’m never going to make it on time. We should have left earlier.”

12.  “That guy is on his phone. Be careful!”

13.  “I SEE him!”

14.  “This GPS sucks.”

15.  “Did we just drive around in a circle again?”