Saturday, August 13, 2016


     It is time for some serious “UNfriending.” In all good conscience, I can no longer tolerate hate messages, derogatory remarks, undocumented assertions or vengeful insults. If that is the message people want to send, then someone else can read it; not yours truly.

     We are all frustrated about things over which we have no control. The longer we spend on the planet, there is potentially a longer list of gripes. Well, if we choose to focus on all that negativity, we are certainly not doing the world a service. We are simply spreading darkness. I do not want to be part of it. I spend a great deal of energy blocking out all the negative, all the violence and unconscionable random acts of terror in this world. I don’t need to listen to anyone else’s hysteria no matter at whom it’s directed.

     I say, “eNO/UGH”! In this powerful word, there are two small words:  NO and UGH. That’s how I feel about all the gossip, the vulgar rhetoric and the “Poor me” that some people choose to spread from the safety of their keyboards. It’s easy to espouse “Let’s take action!” from your chair, as no one will ever know if you ever did.

     I am no religious fanatic, no great philosopher, no politician-in-training (notice P.I. T.), no enlightened visionary. I am a simple American citizen trying to do the right thing, trying to stay positive in an ever-changing world. I have a choice: I can spread my fear, my “this-isn’t-fair” attitude, my disdain for the appalling things happening all around us, or I can spend my share of syllables on moments of joy, fun and laughter. I can share stories that inspire, teach and validate. It is so simple, yet powerful to cheer rather than chide, praise not punish, empower not deflower. 

     “Laughter is contagious; spread the virus.” I made this up. Yay, me.