Here is a post my daughter sent out this morning after her 25-year reunion. Ah, the secrets are revealed. So glad I didn't know this years ago. I would have had to administer some serious consequences. Always fascinating to find out your children's perspective years after the facts. Love this kid, but did she keep me hopping? Still does. Proud maman.

Ever heard the song, "The House That Built Me?" Miranda Lambert circa 2010.
Being one of the only classmates that moved out of state 20 years ago, I don't often get "home". My parents have moved out of state now and this trip was the first where there was no "home" to stay in. 
Hampton Inn. Ford Road. $99 a night. Free breakfast. Free day pass to Lifetime Fitness. Not bad. Some sweet clientele too. Got offered a shot of Jameson in the lobby and" a cool shower with handicap accessible bars--that you can play tag in"......No comment.
I had some time to cruise Main Street, to drive around and check out my old stomping grounds, and to pass by the place I called "home". As I walked up to the door, I was worried the owners would wonder who this strange lady was. I then saw the SOLD sign, wet and stuck to the porch, and I smiled. No one was there, a new owner soon to take occupancy.
I took a few photos and was off to attend my 25 year reunion. I still was not clear as to how 25 years had passed. I feel 12, and act it too.I can even still fit in a youth XL shirt. 
The laughter, the a-ha moments, the energy and synergy of people that had not seen each other in years was evident. There was no shortage of stories--the good, the bad, the ugly. Heather Willing Hobbs' party. Kevin Graham's Jeep in the mud party. Walking to Pizza Hut after football games. Jim Dandy's at Friendly's. And of course, the time I gave Nikki Philliben Kolkathe keys to my Mom's house to have a party and came home to find no less than 60-80 people in the yard and house doing keg stands and smoking in my Mom's white carpeted, white couch living room. I was so proud, and cleaned up SO well. Until she found a condom in the yard....
As the night wore on, I marveled at how bad my dimples hurt, and how many wonderful, incredibly brilliant people I grew up with. I saw pieces of our past in their eyes as we swapped stories of glory, athletic prowess, struggle, personal triumph, and some pain.
In the past few years, many in our circle have lost parents, and their eyes although present, carried shards of grief mixed with an incredible sense of resilience. They spoke of their parents in the past tense which was difficult to hear, donning tough smiles, their commitment to carry their legacy forward plain in sight.
A simple reunion of hearts outlined to me how very much we needed each other then, and how we still need each other now. As I looked around the room, not many had their phones out, and we were all actually interfacing with each other. Imagine.
The house that I held the for sale sign for, was sold to my Mom in 1989 for $89,000. As I walked away, the listing stuck to the pavement, asking price of $325,000. I gasped, and smiled.
Not only is that 1,110 sf piece of 2 bedroom,1 bath real estate worth every penny, the memories of two schools and town rich with talent, grit, and community, had 200 ambassadors of its dividends returning for a dose and glimpse of the good stuff.
My favorite part of the night?--Realizing that the investment you make in each other, is truly all we really have. Human capital.
Lives, people, and careers are taken without notice, and time can be quite unforgiving. The willingness to connect and share yourself with your circle and community will pay you back a millionfold if you take the chance.
True love stands tall, and bends low. 
Prime real estate and true friends are hard to come by.
Don't rent them.
Don't neglect them. 
Don't put off renovations and repair. 
A genuine thank you to the schools, teachers, coaches, and friends, who became the "house that built me".
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Heather O'Kelley Boersma Love you😘
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Lisa Miller Kolb Love this. Love you!
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Dawn Garcia Adorable!!
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Edna Rodriguez Valenzuela 🙌🏼👏🏼
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Kristen Krueger Swierb Could you be anymore adorable? 
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Susan Miller Katey McPherson love, "The House That Built Me" is one of my all time fav tunes. A part of who we r
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Jennifer Drake I am so sad that I missed it but this was a lovely read!
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Jennifer Davis Cullimore It truly takes a village to raise a child.  💛
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Leanne Gurchak Kawadri Beautifully written, as always. Thanks for sharing old memories and creating some new ones too. ❤️❤️❤️
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Heather Willing Hobbs So true!! Sorry I missed you, but you said it perfectly!
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Bernadette Moreno ❤️ this!!!
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Jennifer Kwiatkowski We have a spare room that does not include a Lifetime pass but you are welcome to it anytime you come home. Once again....well written and I read it until the end. Great seeing you!
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Lois Kaplan Sugar Beautifully said.
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Sandra Lee Moulin The only thing that keeps me from crying at 4:20 a.m. is the fact that I will be on a flight to see you in a couple of hours. 60-80 people in my house? Are you effen kidding me? Ah, the secrets unfold. Love you, and love that little house that kept us safe through all those years:) xoxo
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Jill Hanert Carroll Love this, Katey! So true about the phones part. I think that's why there are so few pictures!
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