Thursday, August 4, 2016

                                                JOY in the ORDINARY DAY

      Although we have not really identified an “ordinary” day in our new home yet, today was a day with no special event, a day with no particular productive quality, just an ordinary day. As we sat poolside enjoying the gentle summer tropical breeze, I looked up into God’s blue ceiling, and I said, “Thank you, God. We are so lucky.” 

     We are lucky because today we have no aches and pains. We have no one to mourn. We have no major debts. We have no sick relatives. We have no friends suffering. We have no tragedies from guns, knives or smoking planes. Our days were not always so lucky. We have had life-threatening issues. We have been in debt and lost money in the stock market. We have lost loved ones. We have watched friends suffer. Those days are unfortunately etched in our memories, no matter how hard we try to suppress them. 

     Today ordinary things like taking a two-mile walk in the morning sunshine was worth celebrating. I can walk. Ordinary things like sitting in our little beach chairs looking out at the pond and the trees were worth celebrating. We can see. Ordinary things like cleaning up the kitchen after dinner was worth celebrating. We have food to eat. 

     It doesn’t matter that my pedometer doesn’t work right. It doesn’t matter that I put too much dressing on the salad. It doesn’t matter that no one emailed me all day long. It doesn’t matter that I didn’t make all my phone calls. What matters is that I am coherent and humble enough to thank God for an “ordinary day.” Thanks, big Guy.