Tuesday, August 23, 2016

                                                              OMG. WAKE UP CALL!

     Every morning, I get up, go through my morning ritual (usually before most humans ever think about rising), and put my pen to my "To Do" list. Yesterday, I told Mr. Wonderful that I love love love getting my practicing and my workout done before 9:00 a.m. Yay, me. Or not. . .

     One of my former students posted the quote above on facebook yesterday. It stopped me in my tracks. This is so true, and I am one of the worst offenders. The "To Do" list structures my day. It makes me feel like I've accomplished something by the time I don my snuggie each night. It shows me I'm making progress in whatever category happens to be in the top three. Do I think about the special moments I might have, the lives I might touch, the difference I might make? Yes, I think about those things, but they aren't on my list. They might be accidental products of something I accomplish, but they are not necessarily priorities. Does this make me a bad person? No, but the wise words above do give me pause.

     Last night, after dinner, Mr. Wonderful and I were blessed with another Florida sunset. This has become a frequent experience for us in our new home. We sit side by side holding hands, listening to the tiny waterfall in our pool, his classical guitar music playing on his tiny speaker, and we count our blessings. I suppose this counts as a "beautiful moment." But have I touched a life today?

     I met a lovely man through a mutual friend. We had lunch together yesterday, and we shared our love of music and the arts. We talked about our music projects which I suppose you could say touch lives as our music brings "beautiful moments" to others. I cannot honestly say that my motivation for performing is altruistic; I get much joy and satisfaction from performing, but the music does resonate with some in my audience, so I guess I get a little credit for that. This new friend, a total stranger until six weeks ago, has opened my eyes, however, to the generosity we can share with others. He gives me a gift each time I see him (he even mailed me gifts before we met). These gifts are specifically to my taste in the arts, and I have enjoyed them immensely. He has given me such things as program notes to musical productions he's witnessed, small books he's written about art and music, and names and addrssses of people who can introduce me to the arts scene in our new home town. These are gifts of the heart---no expense, just kindness. I must remember to pay it forward.

     I sent a welcome home email to a dear friend from "home." She responded, "you are so thoughtful." I love my friend, and I miss her. She just spent a week away with family, and I enjoyed the photos she posted of those of whom she's spoken. I told her how darling she looked, and she did. She is not just a special friend; she's one of my "strong women" friends whom I admire greatly. I guess I did touch her life in a small way, but she's touched mine in a huge way.

     Whose life have you touched lately? Sometimes just a compliment to the clerk at the cleaners or a "Don't you look great today!" to a neighbor can lift spirits. We don't have to add it to the "to do" list; we just have to be aware of the power we have to add a spoonful of joy to someone's diet.

     Thank you, "ma petite," for sharing this important reminder with me and my readers. Let's make people kind again. Do I want my eulogy to say, "She worked out and practiced everyday before 9:00 a.m?" I don't think so.