Monday, August 22, 2016

Some days I rejoice at the first glimpse of sunlight streaming through the curtain
other days are not so joyful
some days I celebrate just the simplest of things like watching a butterfly flit across the hedges
Some days I wish I could do something to better mankind
other days I am thankful I can just muddle through the next 24 hours
Some days I feel so humbled by the gifts God has given me
other days I don’t know why He isn’t answering my text
Some days I feel so complete
other days I feel like parts of me are floating in the air, and I can’t gather them all in
Some days I mourn those who inspired me
other days I am thankful that I can still inspire a soul here or there
Some days I feel so wise 
other days I am overwhelmed by the realization that there is yet so much to be learned
Some days I am so sad 
on those days I breathe in the summer air, wrap my mind in the blue blue sky and watch for the rainbow.