Monday, August 15, 2016

This poster reminds me of a poem I wrote a few years back, but more importantly, it brings to mind the fabulous women in my life who have been there for me, wiping my tears, sharing my giggles, cheering me on and waiting for my lame counsel. I love you all, dear friends, and I am humbled that you chose to include me in your circles.

                             STRONG WOMEN

One day, we will be sitting in a circle
All of us dressed in long white robes
Celestial music will play gently as we ride the clouds
We will all have skin as soft as silk
We will all have voices that can speak the wisdom of our age
 We will look at each other with admiration and love
We will recognize the contributions we have made to the universe
We will be at peace
We will laugh softly about funny moments we have shared through the years
We will glance toward the earth, and we will smile as we watch the tears of our children spilling onto the pages of their destinies

We will smile, for one day they will each sit on a cloud and revel in the strength of their circle.  

Sandra Moulin

Thank you:  (Random order)

Donna, Dianne, Barb B., Pattie, Marilyn, Carol, Joyce, Char, Marion, Beth, Susan O., Marfa, Cathy, Nanci C., June, Louise, Marcella, Mary C., Mary A., Domonique, Amy K., Bea S., Margaret A., Hilda, Avis, Wendy, Betty, Jennifer P., Leila, Rita K., Brenda B., Margie, Sue.

Who is in your circle?